Building and Construction Job Trends 2019

Building and Construction Job Trends 2019

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If you’re in the building and construction industry or planning to be, what job trends should you be watching out for in 2019?

Widening Opportunities in Australia

The building and construction management industry is always changing and developing, with innovation and technology the main driving forces behind these changes.
Australia is lucky to have a booming construction industry (it’s one of the largest non-service related industries in the country). In 2018, commercial construction alone grew by almost 10% thanks to strong population growth and new technologies.
New construction projects consistently rise by 2% every quarter, creating more projects and jobs, making building and construction a smart choice for employment opportunities and career growth.

Impact of Pending Federal Election

Infrastructure investment is always a highly contested political issue and with the upcoming Federal election in 2019, expect both parties to pledge budget funds to update our roads, building new hospitals and schools, and updating public transport systems. These large-scale projects provide jobs for those in all areas of the industry, from project management to architecture and traffic control.

More Women in Construction

No longer is the construction industry as male-dominated as it once was. Women from all walks of life are enjoying the career opportunities that building and construction offer. In 2018, more women joined the industry, taking advantage of the high salaries and workplace flexibility on offer. In 2019, expect to see women in the construction workforce increase even further, continuing to make the industry inclusive for all involved.

Sustainability Still Important

An important issue in all industries, sustainability in building and construction is one of the most important due to the high potential of waste created in the process. Expect to see an increase in recycling schemes, a focus on reusing as much as possible, and sustainable sourcing alternatives to common building materials.
Sustainability in the planning stages will become common, with architects and developers working on projects that are kinder to the environment. We will see simple changes like using more greenery to bigger ones such as including natural heating and cooling to reduce electricity consumption.

Further improvements in Technology and Innovation

On the increase in all industries, technology use in building and construction is set to soar in 2019.
Types of technology to look out for include:

  • Using Drones to plan projects more effectively
  • Connected job sites by cloud technology which will allow all areas of a project to communicate more efficiently, breaking down location barriers
  • Increased use of 3D printing
  • Wearable technology that allows reporting and communication to be carried out on the go
  • Robotics assisting with dangerous or repetitive tasks

Read more about new technology trends in the building and construction space here.
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Security in Employment and Salaries

Even with the introduction of new technology, the construction industry is largely protected from technology endangering jobs. If anything, demand increases for workers with strong technical skills who can operate software and programs.
Skill shortages in construction still exist, meaning salaries in the industry are highly competitive, in the hope of attracting workers to fill these gaps. The types of shortages vary by location, but research finds that carpenters, electricians, builders, labourers and project managers are some of the most in demand.
The industry still offers high starting salaries, even for junior or graduate positions (an average of $60,000 per annum). Senior roles in positions such as project management attract salaries that regularly exceed $180,000 per annum.

Increasing State Shortages across Australia

  • NSW – widespread shortages in almost all areas including plumbing, cabinetmaking, glazing and tiling. Construction has increased 8.7% in the last year, and only 50% of all vacancies were filled.
  • VIC – metropolitan shortage of bricklayers, state-wide shortages of all key construction areas including plumbing, building and painting.
  • SA – statewide shortages in all areas of construction. Opportunities are present in bricklaying, cabinetmaking, plastering and glazing. Only 40% of vacancies are filled, as most applicants lack qualifications.
  • NT – shortages or recruitment difficulty were reported in every trade. Qualifications are proving to be imperative, as 62% of applicants are considered underqualified by employers.
  • QLD – metropolitan shortage of plumbers, and statewide shortage of glaziers, tilers, bricklayers and stonemasons.
  • TAS – Shortages exist for plumbers, tilers, glaziers and bricklayers. Demand continues to rise due to strong building activity in Southern Tasmania.
  • ACT – residential construction has created high demand for skilled workers. The most extreme shortages exist for stonemasons, roof-tilers and painters.


What can you take from these 2019 job trends?

Opportunity! The building and construction industry is booming and will continue to flourish in 2019 and into the next decade. Now is the perfect time to upskill your qualifications and get your foot in the door of a rewarding and challenging career in building and construction.

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