Meet Michael Meere

At CAL, we believe having experienced professionals is the key to ensuring success for our students.

We take great care in ensuring we hand-pick our Learning Coaches to deliver the best experiences for our students.
As an accomplished Project Manager himself, Michael is no exception.



About Michael Meere

With over 30 years of professional experience in Project Management and Human Resources Management, Michael is passionate about performance management and dedicated to passing on his knowledge and expertise to all CAL students. Michael uses his experience to mentor his students, breaking down superficial barriers and cutting through self-doubt to empower his students.

Having served across various industries in both private and not for profit sectors Michael has gained invaluable hand-on skills and knowledge from his positions including Board Member, CEO, General Manager and consultant. Alongside this extensive managerial and corporate experience, Michael also holds a Masters degree in HRM; a second Masters degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has run his own HRM & Management consultancy for many years.



Studying with Michael as a Learning Coach

Adrian – Double Diploma in Project Management and Building & Construction (Management)

“I found my coach, Michael, was really helpful; he was able to help me through any difficulties I had with the course, helped me through the course knowhow and relate things back to real examples.”

These are just some of the other great comments we’ve received about Michael’s coaching:

“Michael … was fantastic and made the whole learning experience come alive with his sharing of knowledge and experience.”

“The support and backup [from] my mentor, Michael was fabulous and a big help in completing the course.”

“Michael is extremely good at explaining things in a practical manner which is a benefit for me.”

“I have a very high regard for [Michael’s] knowledge and acumen. In their distinctly different ways [the Learning Coaches] were very helpful and I really enjoyed engaging with them.”

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Students are very satisfied with their Learning Coaches



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