9 Reasons your Career Needs a Diploma

9 Reasons your Career Needs a Diploma

Career ready with a Diploma qualification

When you are considering if a diploma is relevant to your career, it will ultimately depend on if you think having a diploma will help you achieve your goals faster. There are countless benefits to obtaining further education, and regardless of what stage of your career you are in, there is never a bad time to consider gaining extra skills and knowledge.

Here are nine reasons your career will benefit from completing a diploma:

1. Changing industries

Industries are constantly developing and expanding with new technology and skills. Keeping re-educated in your field and staying prepared for these changes will stand you in good stead when they occur. Being adaptable is a highly sought after quality in an employee and will make you more attractive to potential employers.

2. Changing careers

The options when it comes to changing careers is broad and deciding on the direction to take is often a tough one. If you’re contemplating making a career change,a new qualification may be a good option for you. Having a wide range of knowledge and skills will give you opportunities to approach a wider variety of prospective new employers when changing careers.

3. Upskilling

For most, careers no longer continue on a linear path throughout our lives. The modern job market is so varied and diverse that we will likely hold several different positions and jobs in only a decade, let alone a whole career. Avoid stagnating in a single role by obtaining a diploma and gain the skills to receive promotions and get offered new roles.

4. Getting promoted

Achieving a diploma will show an employer that you are hard-working and dedicated. Combining this with your positive work ethic can demonstrate that you are capable of taking on extra responsibilities. A diploma will give you the confidence you need to ask for a promotion and step up to the challenge of a new role.


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5. Increasing your salary

When you are industry qualified, you will be rewarded with management roles of higher importance. More often than not, these roles pay more than a base level or junior position within a company. Having a diploma will also give you a perfect opportunity to approach your employer, knowing that you deserve to be paid for the skills you have acquired and now bring to the company.

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6. Redundancy-proofing your career

Though the prospects of redundancy are never pleasant, a diploma will help to guarantee that your career will always have a direction to go in next. Even if your time with one company comes to an end, your diploma, skills, and experience will be easily transferable and highly sought after within another organisation.

7. Getting you out of unemployment

Being unemployed can be incredibly stressful and finding a job can be time-consuming. Having a relevant qualification on your resume can help increase your chances of finding the perfect role with the right employer. The skills you acquire from obtaining a diploma will give you a better chance of being offered an interview with a company.

8. Surviving disruption and industry-shifts

Global trends in disruption and constant industry shifts will have you wanting to ensure that your skills and knowledge are worth keeping your position within a company. Being skilled and adaptable will make you feel more comfortable to take charge and state your value to your employer. Rather than passively watching change, you will be able to put yourself forward for managing change and helping other employees, making you a valuable asset.

9. Staying relevant amongst change

With constantly changing technology and ever developing skills, the need to stay on top of these developments remains crucial. A current diploma will ensure that you are up to date with relevant knowledge and technology. The skills you learn will also help you to adapt and be relevant no matter what age-group or career track you belong to right now.

No matter how far into your career you may be, or even if you are considering changing your career, you can take charge of your career progression. Whether you want a career change, promotion, salary increase, or you want to upskill to stay on top of your industry, then a diploma is always a good option.

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