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If you’re considering undertaking study, you should think about what skills, experience and expertise you may already have. Fast-tracking can reduce the time it takes for you to get qualified and help you avoid repeating things you already know.

Once enrolled, our students may be eligible to fast-track some, or all, of their studies. This is an alternative option to RPL or completing your studies in full, and must be approved by your Learning Coach.

Note: This is a summary of the process. For further details and approval to proceed you must contact your learning coach.

What Does ‘Fast-Tracking’ Mean?

Fast-tracking is the option of skipping some of the tutorial content and activities when there is content that you are already proficient in, saving you from repeating training for things you already know. If you feel confident that you already hold a lot of the competencies being delivered within an online unit, you will be welcomed to test your knowledge so that we can evaluate where you are and exactly how much you still need to learn.

Who Is Eligible for Fast-Tracking?

  • Current managers who can submit workplace documents for assessment
  • People who have at least five years’ experience (even if they are not currently working)

How Does Fast-Tracking Work?

  1. Enter the online unit and read the associated summary documents (learner’s assessment pack and unit learning plan).

  2. Sit the quiz without doing any course work.
    You must receive above 90% on your first attempt to qualify for fast-tracking

  3. Download the learner’s assessment pack and complete it in full.

  4. Submit your work (let us know its a fast-tracked assessment by adding “fast-track assessment” in the comments box) so that we can see where (if any) your gaps are.

    If necessary, we will guide you back to the specific tutorials/activities to complete. This way we can ensure you are 100% confident with the content included in the unit of study.