Three Ways to Advance Your Medical Reception Career

Three Ways to Advance Your Medical Reception Career

Is it time to move from Medical Reception into Practice Management?


Every week we are talking to more people who are looking for career advice on how to work their way up from medical reception or practice administration to practice management.

In Australia, the healthcare sector is growing fast, and more jobs are being created in healthcare every year. In a 2017 Commonwealth Fund report, Australia ranked first in both health outcomes and administrative efficiency showing the importance being placed on excellence in practice management.

As such, careers opportunities are growing within healthcare administration as new clinics open and existing healthcare businesses grow in size and capacity. Many practitioners want and need a reliable manager to lead the practice while they get on with the task of treating patients. This applies to medical, complementary and alternative therapies as well.

Modern-day practice management opens career doorways for aspiring managers to make a lasting impact on a healthcare practice by imparting innovative leadership, strategic thinking, effective communication skills and robust financial systems.

We have put together three case studies based on common student scenarios showing alternative pathways from a medical reception or administration role to practice management.


Case Study 1


Maria is 44 and returning to work part-time after leaving the workforce two decades ago to manage the home and raise four children who are now all at school. She has previous bookkeeping, administration and customer service experience. With four active children she feels like she knows the healthcare system inside out – both traditional and alternative. She knows how to pick a well-run practice from a mismanaged one and the difference this makes to her as the customer. She has been looking for part-time medical reception position for the next year while she studies for a Practice Management Diploma.


Case Study 2


Andrew is already working as in medical reception and has just turned 30. He is thinking it is time to put his easy-going twenties behind him and tend to his career. He and his partner are saving a house deposit and he would like to increase his income to get to his goal of owning a home quicker. A Diploma of Practice Management seems like a smart choice that would give him more flexible opportunities such as Business Management once he has more experience. With his background in healthcare, he is confident he can easily apply learning on the job and finish his studies within six months.


Case Study 3


Gemma is 23 and returning to Australia after backpacking through Europe for a couple of years. She is working casual hours on nights and weekends at a medical center doing general admin duties and has been approached to take a permanent day-time position that will be available in a few months. Her boss suggested that she think about getting a qualification first. She did odd jobs such as nanny, waitress and ski instructor while she was traveling and enjoys working in team environments where she has a chance to lead others and make a difference in people’s lives. She likes looking after people but doesn’t want to study nursing or childcare. She is confident, capable and thrives in positions of responsibility. A Practice Management Diploma ticks a lot of boxes for her and would give her a foundation into business administration or to start her own business one day. She is eager to finish the diploma in three months studying full-time during the day.


Whatever point you are at in your career journey, you can trust us for the best advice and guidance to support you to make the most informed choice for you.

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