Why Having a Business Diploma has Never Been More Important

Why Having a Business Diploma has Never Been More Important
Many people are wising up to the need to have a qualification like a Business Diploma as one of the best ways to learn valuable generalised business skills that can easily and successfully be applied in a specific career.

Are you wondering what can a business diploma get you? The best part of a Diploma of Business (Leadership) (BSB50120) is the diverse range of areas you will study. You gain the fundamentals of business law, economics, marketing, and human resource management; plus broad skills in strategic management, business information analysis, and project management.

The jobs you can get with a Business Diploma

Retail Manager

Successful retail managers are well-rounded business minded people who like to be leaders. You might start as a retail assistant while you study for your business diploma. That way you can gain both on the job training, and a qualification that will put you well in front in any interview situation. As a retail manager, you will like to deal with a variety of duties such as:

  • Interviewing and recruiting staff
  • Staff training and management, including rosters
  • Customer service
  • Wholesaler relationships and ordering
  • Store or office operations
  • Promotional offers, materials, displays
  • General marketing tasks
  • Finance and budgets

Average Salary $48,000

Office Manager

Also known as Administrative Managers, you oversee day-to-day operations of administration activities. You will aim of maintaining organised and efficient support systems. A business or business administration diploma gives you an edge over other candidates and allows for a faster career pathway.

Success involves:

    • Coordinating the administration team and their activities
    • Creating systems and processes
    • Managing work priorities
    • Excellent communication and organisation skills
    • Recruiting and induction of team members
    • Customer service engagement
  • Average Salary $57,399


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    Financial Planner

    If you are good with numbers and want to be part of one of Australia’s fastest growing industry sectors, Financial Planning is a great career for you. Opportunities exist to work with individuals or across an organisation. You can work within a Financial Planning business or branch out on your own as a consultant. Having a Diploma of Business is the perfect starting point for a Financial Planning career that will give you an understanding of business and increase your value to an organisation and your clients.

    You need to enjoy:

    • Managing ongoing customer relationships
    • Gaining effective one-on-one communication skills
    • Understanding business operations and needs
    • Gathering financial and personal data
    • Creating Action Plans for long-term financial sustainability

    Average Salary $70,600


    Risk Management Consultant

    As a Risk Management Consultant, you work with stakeholders to establish operational standards and policies for business performance. After obtaining a business diploma, you can achieve your Bachelor of Business, specialise in risk assessment and then be able to obtain lucrative risk management consultant positions.

    Key tasks include:

    • Auditing, such as pre-emptive checks
    • User Profiling
    • Operational analysis
    • Operational procedures
    • Strategise and roll-out change

    Average Salary $88,300

    Program Manager

    A Program Manager needs a range of skills that can be applied confidently across many industries. Your focus is to contribute to a larger target such as revenue milestones, cost-cutting, new product launch, etc. A Diploma of Business will lead you into program coordination, and then to program management.

    You will:

    • Implement forward-facing programs
    • Conduct and oversee workforce planning
    • Measure and manage risk
    • Be responsible for team and business performance
    • Be a visionary leader who focuses on strategy
    • Often manage several projects at once

    Average Salary $101,000

    Business Owner

    If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude, then running your own business could be your best career move. A Diploma of Business will give you the skills, insights and confidence to run a successful business from the beginning.

    A business owner must understand;

    • Employment law and how to manage employees
    • Payroll fundamentals
    • How to prioritise and work effectively
    • Business systems and how to create basic business documents
    • Risk, and effective decision making

    A Diploma of Business gives you a foundation in all this and the flexibility to determine your own salary.


    The Business Diploma is your key to a future with real possibilities

    You can see why having a Business Diploma has never been more important. A business diploma will get you a springboard into many career pathways. There is a job that you can you get with a business diploma that will suit your personality and career ambitions.

    Find out more about this qualification and how it can get you where you want to be in your career:

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