Is a Building and Construction Management Career Right For You?

Is a Building and Construction Management Career Right For You?

Move from Tools to Construction Management

Discover why you need to make the transition from tools to a construction management career today

Ever thought you were destined for more than just nuts and bolts? What if, a year from now you could be off the tools and back in charge of your life? A Diploma of Building and Construction Management online is the master key to your secure future.

Build on your knowledge

You’ve been around and you know the ropes. Better than most probably.
After 12-18 months of part-time study, you will gain the confidence to back yourself.
You’ll work through core learning modules to plug the gaps in your know-how in areas such as:

  • Budgets and financial plans
  • Staff recruitment
  • Operational planning
  • OHS Risk Management
  • Project basics
  • Managing other people

Build your construction management career

By continuing to work on the tools while you study, you get the bonus of applying your learning real-time, even if no-one else realises that you are watching and learning.
You’ll be able to see with new insight just what your current bosses do well and what they could do better, and apply this learning as you go. That kind of experience is valued by managers looking for practical expertise.

New dog, old tricks

Yes, once you have your diploma you will be the new dog on the block. Entering the marketplace might seem daunting, but your diploma qualification backed by solid experience will ensure that you succeed against those with unproven knowledge.
You have a toolkit of old tricks that others cannot even hope to come close to getting, and these put you well ahead of the pups out there. Plus, by doing a diploma, you have shown that you are not stuck in your ways. You are able and willing to learn new tricks too.
Real world skills make the best building and construction managers. US-based company, Innovative Management Solutions rates these five qualities as vital to success in the field:

    Clear and effective communication, including being able to take intricate project details and turn them into small, easy to complete activities.

  1. Delegation skills, and the insight to know who you can trust to step up and take on more

  2. Prioritising resources around the unexpected, such as weather, workforce issues, and other delays

  3. Problem-solving of day to day details, without compromising on the big picture.

  4. Creating Teamwork in your workforce, willing cooperation based on a mutual understanding of trust and appreciation within the team

Be THAT one person

The best reward for a successful building and construction management career is becoming THAT one person who others seek out for knowledge and insight. We all have a memory of someone who made a difference in our lives, by showing us what was possible for our future and encouraged us to choose more for ourselves.
As a knowledge leader in your industry, you will have the opportunity to mentor others to do things the right way from the beginning. When things are done the right way, accidents are prevented, lives are saved and the craft of building is given the respect it deserves. Qualified managers who understand the consequences of keeping this bigger picture are always needed and in constant demand.

There is no right time, except the time you make right

The best part of an online diploma is how flexible it is for you. You can start at any time, adapt it to your routine, go fast when you have more time, go slower when you need too. Self-paced modules allow you to be qualified within three to six months, (around 15-20 hours per week), or twelve months, (around six hours per week). For most people, it’s as simple as giving up an hour of TV a day.

Bottom line is when you make the time right, you will find the time.
Talk to us about how to make the transition from the tools to a Building and Construction Management career today, and be THAT person you know you can be.


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