Construction Manager Know-How: What to know about tenders and local government

Construction Manager Know-How: What to know about tenders and local government

What to know when working with government in Construction
Working in the building and construction industry is a rewarding career that is fast paced and full of good challenges. One of the most important stakeholders you’ll liaise with is local government. Dealing with tenders, permits and applications is all in a day’s work for a construction manager.

What’s a Local Government Tender?

A tender is a brief that outlines the work that is likely to be required as part of a build. Suitable contractors will apply for the work, according to the guidelines of the tender. The applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Tenders are commonly used in the construction industry, especially when working with local government. The purpose of a tender is to select the best company available to do the job, based on their experience, the capacity of the team and cost. A construction manager will help to decide which are the best tenders to apply for, depending on the company’s capabilities.

What is the Tender Process?

The tender process usually begins with the government or project manager deciding on the scope of a project, what sort of work will be required, proposed budget and time-frame. All this information forms the basis of the tender. The tender is written up formally and advertised online. Companies and contractors will apply for the tenders that are best suited to them.

Applications are considered, and the best one for the job will be selected based on value for money as well as the company or contractor’s proven ability. For the best chance of being selected, make sure to read the tender criteria thoroughly. At the next stage, a contract is entered, and the work is carried out.

Planning for Tender and Permit Delays

When working with local government, it’s important to plan for delays and ensure there is plenty of time allocated for the permit or tender application process. Tender and permit applications have many stages, so knowing the timeline beforehand can help prevent unrealistic expectations and stress when deadlines loom.

Depending on what stage of the building process you’re working on, permits that you may deal with in your role as construction manager are;

  • Planning permits
  • Building permits
  • Occupancy permits

TIP: To prevent unnecessary rejections or delays, read the permit application thoroughly and submit all required documents by their due date.
Working with local government and other stakeholders in Building and Construction

Communication is Key to good Local Government Partnerships

When working with any stakeholder, excellent communication skills are of the utmost importance, and especially dealing with local government. Establishing an effective working relationship will be of great help during the application process and beyond.

Remember to stay patient while your applications are considered. Provide all the required information to prevent unnecessary delays.

If there are issues that arise, stay calm and professional and try to come to a resolution that will suit both parties. It’s highly likely you’ll be dealing with the same areas of local government throughout your construction career, so it is in your best interest to communicate effectively and build a positive working partnership.

Managing Customer Expectations

As the important middleman between your client and the government, a construction manager is responsible for clearly communicating and managing the process to both parties.

To keep your clients satisfied, it’s important that their expectations are realistic. Any timeframes or deadlines communicated must be achievable. It is much better to underpromise and over-deliver, to ensure that your client remains satisfied.

Begin your Construction Manager Career

One of the most rewarding parts of working as a construction manager is dealing with different people and diverse projects every day. With the proper knowledge of the tender and permit processes, combined with excellent communication skills, navigating local government processes can be an easy and streamlined part of your career. Begin your career and gain the skills you need with a Diploma of Building & Construction Management (CPC50308).


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