The Differences between a BCM and a BCB qualification

The Differences between a BCM and a BCB qualification

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A Diploma of Building & Construction (Management), commonly referred to as a ‘BCM’ is often confused with a Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) or ‘BCB’. Although the two qualifications are related to the same industry of Building and Construction, they are both very different Diplomas. A BCB is a foundation level diploma focusing on skills needed in building, whereas the BCM gives you the skills to fast track into the management side. A BCM is a better choice of the two if management is your long-term career goal.

Overview of Building and Construction Management

You would undertake a Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) qualification if you were interested in advancing your career into a managerial and senior manager role.

Occupational titles include:

  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Estimating Manager
  • Sales Manager

The skills you learn in a BCM are related to communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, planning and organising, self-management, and use of technology.

Core units teach management skills such as budgets and financial plans, staff recruitment and induction, operations, OHS, and team effectiveness. A wide range of electives includes customer service, databases and spreadsheets, people performance, project costing and quality, asset management and many others.


Overview of Building and Construction Building

You would complete the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) as a foundation step to gain initial employment in the building industry.

Career opportunities include roles in the following areas:

  • Building Construction and supervision
  • Estimating
  • Purchasing
  • Contracts administration

You would do a BCB to work in a junior role on a building site or head office environment. This qualification may also be relevant in a role such as a Project Management Assistant.

A BCB gives you the fundamental skills required to build low rise, medium rise or wide span construction projects. Core units teach building codes and standards, construction contracts, estimation, tendering and OHS. Electives include site surveys, legal obligations, services layout and connection, and environmental practices.

Building and Construction Management skills

Why people choose to study a Building and Construction Management Diploma

There are many situations where a BCM qualification is a better choice over a BCB. The more common scenarios are outlined below:

Situations where people choose a BCM as their first diploma include:

  • Where the person has achieved an apprenticeship in carpentry or a related trade and has a few years of job experience
  • If the family business has created an advanced knowledge in building and construction
  • For someone transitioning from self-employment in a related field

A BCM is the ideal second qualification in the following scenarios:

  • Where someone has already obtained a BCB or similar qualification but now seeks a role with more managerial responsibility and better salary pathways
  • For a person with depth of experience who has been injured or simply no longer wants to do on-site, hands-on labour
  • When the first accreditation is not bringing the job satisfaction or career advancement opportunities that you expected


Why choose a career in Construction Management?

A Construction Management career is highly fulfilling and can offer continued pathways into very high-paying jobs such as Senior Project Management, Quality Auditing and General Management.

A good building and construction manager enjoys being part of a team and helps to bring out the best in people, thrives in managing projects to fruition, has well-rounded communication skills, and understands the many aspects of building and construction.

Choose a course that fits your vision

Today’s modern-thinking construction manager is looking for job security and job satisfaction. You understand that a life spent on the tools until retirement is not viable and you have the dedication to make a change in your career. You are willing to engage and apply your mind and skills to the betterment of others and take immense pride in your work.

CAL provides the Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) (CPC50308) to give you the skills necessary to further your career to a management position. We understand your vision and experience, and for all our courses we provide competent and supportive learning coaches to keep you motivated, inspired and focused on your learning goals. Fill out your details below to receive more information about this course and other courses we can provide for you.

Your journey to becoming a great building and construction manager begins from the moment you sign up.

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