How to get a Top 20 Salary Job in Management and Project Management

How to get a Top 20 Salary Job in Management and Project Management

There is a reason why Project Management and Management jobs are so popular in Australia. Both are highly transferable skills that can be applied to any sector across all Australian states and internationally.

Growth in management and project management jobs

In SEEK’s Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs comparing 2013 to 2018, Management now features in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 14th places. The change over five years sees one more job on the list, but more significantly, shows better overall growth in salary opportunity.
Project Management also makes a strong appearance in 3 places, whereas in 2013 it was only featured twice . In 2013, it was only featured twice – at 13th and 18th.
Both these metrics show that there has never been a better time to foster a career in management or project management.

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Where are the highest paying jobs?

Management salaries in the top 20 range from $121,232 to $133,927 per year. These roles are in engineering, information and communication technology, mining, resource and energy, construction, insurance and superannuation, and consulting/strategy.
Project Management also boasts great salary opportunities. The top 20 range is $120,554 to $124,603 across construction, engineering and ICT.

Changing careers is the new norm

The average person now spends 3.3 years in a job, making it normal to have three jobs per decade. For many school leavers, this translates into 17 different employers in a lifetime. Logically, it fits that most workers will also have up to 5 separate careers in their lifetime. Today’s workforce is very comfortable with retraining, career changing and shifting from employment to self-employment and back again.

Technology combined with online access to education is making the transition between careers a seamless experience. A committed worker can undertake a qualification in management or project management while continuing to work in an existing job and fast-track a career into the top end of salary success.

The average person now spends 3.3 years in a job, and up to 5 separate careers in their lifetime. Click To Tweet

Transferable skills make a robust career

Management and project management are both professions that boast highly transferable skills across all work sectors. Enjoying such flexible employment gives the benefit of being able to follow the sectors showing the most growth at any time.
A recent Department of Employment Outlook reveals that over the past few decades, the Australian economy has continued to shift away from lower skilled jobs towards a higher skilled, service-based economy.
Looking ahead, the evolution of the labour market towards higher skilled occupations looks set to continue, with employment growth projected to be strongest, in percentage terms, among the two highest skill levels of Bachelor and Diploma qualified workers.

Pathways into management and project management

If you are transitioning from another career path, then entry-level jobs with clear pathways to management and project management in associated areas are the best places to begin.
For project management, these include areas where you can become familiar with budgets and procedures such as testing, finance, and business analysis. Having good communication skills is valuable too, such as customer service, sales and junior management experience.

A management career is not always a straight line but is often characterised by milestones. These might be experience running your own business or your first promotion into a role where you supervise others. Many people develop management skills in volunteer roles in their community and then decide they want to move into management as a formal career.
Whatever your pathway, the fastest way to accelerate your career and give you the confidence to succeed in management and project management is with a formal Diploma qualification such as a Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51918) or Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) from a respected training provider. No matter what your experience or background, a foundation qualification will open many more doors for you. You want to be doing all you can to put yourself in front of the right people who can mentor you in your journey to those top 20 salary roles.

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