How to Build the Best Work Team

How to Build the Best Work Team

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A strong team is the backbone of any business and a major part of its success. Building a team, being an effective leader and keeping the team dynamic healthy are all important to successful business operations.

Being passionate about leadership and human resources creates a strong incentive to succeed, but having a qualification or diploma will help set you apart. These skills will guide you through creating the best work team possible.

What makes a good team?

Creating a good team requires planning and determination – it won’t happen overnight.

When creating or adding to your team, it’s important to consider the following:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of existing employees and the new staff member. Consider personal characteristics as well as professional skills.
  • Communication is one of the most important skills an employee can have and allows for easier training and collaboration. As a leader, you need to be able to rely on staff who will listen to what you have to say.
  • Diversity – it’s important to make sure your team is comprised of people from different ages, backgrounds and walks of life, where possible. Diversity allows for a greater mix of ideas and values.
  • A good team will be driven and goal-orientated at all times. The role of the leader to ensure everyone remains focused.
  • Equal contribution from all members is vital for a good team dynamic to ensure no one feels overworked or undervalued.
  • A healthy amount of respect between team members is important for a successful team.

Improving team dynamic

Part of what makes a great team is a strong team dynamic. A team is best when every person is driven together by the same goals and ambitions, shared experiences, and the work environment. Individual personalities should be celebrated within a group as bringing depth to the team. Building a great team dynamic isn’t always easy, but can be helped along by:

  • Building rapport between team members. Get to know each other and celebrate differences within your team. Most importantly, make sure everyone feels included.
  • Organising social nights or activities where employees can socialise without the stress of work. The more your employees like each other, the better they will work together.
  • Thoughtful hiring. One of the best ways to help team dynamic along is from the very beginning. Don’t just look at skills when hiring new employees, but think about their strengths and characteristics, too.
  • Team ethos. The more employees work together, the more they learn about each other and how to work most effectively. Even if the job doesn’t require lots of group work, incorporating a team ethos wherever possible is vital.

How to be a leader

A great team always needs someone to be in charge. A leader takes control in difficult situations and is there to pull the team together when needed. A good leader always leads by example, shows the team what needs to be done and how to make it happen.

A leader will constantly seek feedback and use this to better themselves and the team. A strong leader respects other team members and gains respect by being fair and honest. A Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51918) or Diploma of Human Resources (BSB50618) can help you to gain the confidence and skills needed to lead effectively.

It’s true – there’s no ‘I’ in team

While being a good leader is important, so too is being a good team member. Trust your team to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to delegate tasks and help each other. Working as a team means being flexible and accommodating of each other and it’s important to be understanding of people’s views and approaches.

Being a leader of a strong working team is incredibly rewarding and a great way to achieve tasks to a high standard. Teamwork requires effective leadership and collaborative team members. Having the extra knowledge base provided by a diploma in leadership or human resources can help set you apart from others and give you the confidence you need to build the best work team for your company.

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