The Advantages of Studying Business Administration

The Advantages of Studying Business Administration

Business administration advantages

This blog highlights why people with a business administration qualification are in such high demand. If you’re looking to become more employable and further your career, business administration may just be the right course for you.

What is business administration?

Business administration is a post-secondary adult training course. It gets students ready for careers in management-style roles. Adult education courses in business administration teach you how to look after and supervise business operations. This includes adult training in accounting, project management and marketing. It also includes using technology, and teaches some essential ICT skills and programs. One of the most popular adult education courses in this area is the Diploma of Business Administration Online (BSB50415).

The advantages of business administration online


Have a wide variety of career options

Because adult learning in business administration teaches you how to run a business, you can apply these skills into almost any company or organisation. Don’t let the word “business” give you the wrong impression. Business administration skills are vital for both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and working in the government sector. You could even start your own business and become your own boss.

Business administration courses also teach vital leadership skills and how to organise a team. Again, these are skills that you can use in many workplaces in a range of industries. People who study business administration can go on to become managers or human resources professionals in industries like health and construction, to name just a few. Heath and construction industries are among those industries with the strongest growth forecast in Australia.

Learn transferable skills

Just as adult education courses in business administration give you the skills to work in any industry, they also allow you to switch industries with more ease. This is because business administration skills are transferable skills, meaning they can be applied across industries. If you feel like you might want to try a few different careers in your life, or would simply like to keep your options open, gaining business administration skills could allow you to side-step into another industry in the future.

Land a job with career progression

By doing adult training in business administration online, you set yourself up for a successful career with plenty of room for growth. Some blue-collar courses and careers limit you in how much you can earn and achieve. By contrast, business administration courses set you up for ongoing career progression. With business administration skills, you become a professional who will continually progress into higher-grade work with higher salaries.

For example, by doing a Diploma of Business Administration Online (BSB50415), you could get a job in the accounting department of an organisation, and then you can gradually work your way up the ranks into managerial roles. Alternatively, you can use your diploma as a stepping stone into further study, which is another way to progress your career.

Transferable skills and management skills are provided in business administration qualifications

Boost your earnings

Adult learning in business administration is great if you want a career that is going to pay well. In general, managers have lower unemployment rates across all industries and have a stable projection for future growth. This means that the demand for managers isn’t likely to dry up over the next few years. Managers also earn more than their counterparts in the same industry. For example, human resources managers earn an extra $1000 per week more than a typical payroll clerk.

Study at your own pace

Studying business administration online comes with huge benefits. You can study at your own pace, when and where it suits you. This flexibility allows you to continue working, or supporting your family, while you complete your qualification. With a generous completion period of 24 months per diploma, you can fit your studies around your life, not vice versa.

Similarly, by studying adult education courses online, you don’t need to attend classes or tutorials. You don’t have to disrupt your usual schedule or stop doing the other important things in your life. You also don’t have strict deadlines for assignments, but instead, you have the flexibility to complete course outcomes at your own pace.

The entire BSB training package has undergone a review and overhaul from PWC and AISC. In October 2020, the new Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) course was announced, superseding and expanding on the older Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415). The Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) focuses on the operations of a business, particularly key transferable skills in business administration, finance and communication, to create a more holistic and future-focused business qualification. Learn more about the Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) here.

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