Career Advancement Tips for this Decade – How to Get Where you Want to Be

Career Advancement Tips for this Decade – How to Get Where you Want to Be

Career progression tips for the next decade

As a new decade begins, it is important to stay on top of important changes occurring across the global workforce. From technological advancements to the important development of soft skills, there are strategic ways to advance your career.

Technology trends that will be important in 2020 and beyond

Technological advancements in the workplace can make people feel uncomfortable. Many see technology as driving too much unnecessary change and creating redundancy in day-to-day tasks. However, technology also brings the ability to automate processes and complete tasks quicker and more effectively, thereby allowing more time to focus on work/life balance.


Most people are comfortable using Software products in the workplace to improve the speed and ease of work. The next extension is further developments in robotics.

Unlike humans, robotic technology does not get tired. Therefore it doesn’t need to take a break during the day. Robots keep a consistent pace at all times, meaning companies can meet tighter production deadlines.

Robotics takes away the human risk that comes with using heavy machinery, equipment that reaches hot temperatures, and objects that are sharp, etc.

Robotics are programmed to do routine tasks, ensuring that the execution and result are to the same high standard.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

This newer technology is a prime example of the concern that comes with new technology causing redundancy. The good news, for now, is that AI technology still depends on the skills of humans to function and maintain its operation. At this stage, artificial intelligence increases the capabilities and productivity of the workplace. Processes become faster and more efficient while innovating the way companies do business. Upskilling your knowledge and acceptance of technology is crucial going into the new decade if you want to advance in your career.

Soft skills matter

Not only are the technological advancements in the workforce important to understand to advance your career, so are the soft skills. Being able to hone these softer, fundamental skills is crucial be creating future success for yourself in your workplace. Leaning on these skills and working to improve them will aid you to climb the career ladder towards your goals.

The three best soft skills for career development and advancement


Creativity will be one of the most important skills in 2020 and the rest of the decade. Markets are competitive places; that’s why it is crucial to have a team that is willing to think outside the box and present new and compelling ideas for your business. Employers want a team that can find advantages for the company that no one else has thought of yet. Encouraging a creative frame of mind, or consistently designated time to think of new ideas will allow innovations to spark for you and your workplace.

Critical thinking

Effective problem-solving is a critical skill for any employee. If you can create a solution about a relevant issue that servers a variety of stakeholders and conditions, you have an extremely beneficial skill. Being able to evaluate the information logically is another core strength. By working to improve your critical thinking, you are creating a situation where costly mistakes and stress can be avoided and opportunities maximised.

Emotional Intelligence

A skill that came into its own in the last decade, Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to respond usefully to the emotions that you feel and the emotions of others around you. Its benefit in the workplace underpins the way you interact and manage your relationship with every individual that you work with each day. Whether you work with someone in an office, emailing and calling suppliers, doing reports for stakeholders, or solving client needs, you must be able to maintain a certain level of composure.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify what has created annoyance or frustration and then solve those feelings constructively and effectively. While we may not be able to control the way others choose to act and react, we can control ourselves, and that is key to sustaining harmonious relationships at work. Any employer will be impressed by the ability to remain calm in a stressful situation and manage the feelings of yourself and others, putting you on the fast-track to promotion.

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Plan for success

There is no concrete answer among experts for when technological advances and other trends will make a permanent impact in the workforce. To prepare for the inevitability of technological change, upskilling yourself with a diploma will make the transitional period less turbulent for your career. If you are an employer, encouraging your staff to study now for future career advancement will ease the impact that change may have on your business.

When you study an online diploma with the College for Adult Learning, you obtain new skills that will advance your career opportunities. You will be able to do complete your course online, at your own pace, and on your terms, to suit your lifestyle. Deciding to take control of your career today is the best strategy for getting where you want to be in the future.

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