Five Key Trends for Practice Managers for 2019

Five Key Trends for Practice Managers for 2019

Practice management job trends in 2019

As the role of Practice Manager expands in acceptance and responsibilities, the scope of opportunities also expands.
Five key trends in Practice Management in 2019 are:

1. Excellent Job Growth

According to the Australian Government Job Outlook website, numbers in Practice Management have grown very strongly since 2014 and are expected to continue to grow over the next five years. There were 23,500 positions in 2018 and by 2023 it will have increased by another 17,000. That’s an average growth of 3,400 per year. This growth is evident in most regions of Australia.

2. Attractive Salary Expectations

The average weekly earnings of qualified Practice Managers are reported to be $1,200 ($62,400 pa). However, salary is always governed by the size and the speciality of the practice – a smaller local GP versus inner city, large-scale specialist practices which can offer from $75,000 to $95,000 per year. A recent job advertisement for a Practice Manager at a university health centre offered $111,500 – $118,000 plus superannuation for a suitably qualified and experienced Practice Manager.
With an increased salary, applicants can expect a comprehensive job description that will often include:

  • Leadership initiatives and strategic planning
  • Team coaching and retention strategies
  • Financial skills for budget projections and accounting software
  • Measuring client satisfaction
  • Ensuring the practice is actively involved in its community
  • Developing and supervising the practice’s digital presence as well as digital marketing
  • Non-digital marketing strategies

Successful applicants require a Practice Management qualification with the appropriate experience.

3. Wide Scope of Opportunities

A career in Practice Management holds varied opportunity for job satisfaction. Within Healthcare and other areas, you’ll find Practice Managers in many settings including small suburban GP Clinics, large Specialist Clinics in the CBD, Medical Departments in both small regional and large city hospitals and many allied health clinics including physiotherapy, dental, podiatry, optical and veterinary.

Practice manager information job opportunities 2019

4. Online and Technology Challenges

Your experience and qualifications will stand you in good stead for some of the challenges facing many healthcare facilities in 2019.
Three main challenges are:


Digitisation will need to proceed with more urgency in order to record the ever-increasing data kept on every patient.

The imminent Introduction of My Health Record

This might prove challenging for many members of the practice team. The process includes installing new software, establishing roles and responsibilities within the team, new policies and procedures to underpin your team’s usage of the My Healthcare system, plus training yourself and your team to use the system. As an experienced Practice Manager, your skills in planning, training, team management and coaching will prove invaluable for seamless integration of the system into the practice.

Active web presence

A dynamic website and an active social media presence will become even more necessary as the practice becomes more engaged in the community. The best sites provide dynamic information including regular blogs that educate and inform not only your client base but also members of the general community. Your website can often be the first point of contact for people seeking a health provider. You want it to become the ‘go to’ place for both clients and community members to stay informed and educated.

5. Expanding Career Opportunities beyond Healthcare

A range of industries outside of healthcare is now seeking to employ Practice Managers. They include accountants, financial planners, architects and designers right through to the Department of Corrections. Anyone seeking greater diversity in their role should ensure they have gained their Diploma of Practice Management (HLT57715) first, as this could be the beginning of a diverse and exciting future.
In 2019, and into the next decade, career-savvy Practice Managers with the right qualifications and experience, will have the means to optimise new trends in Practice Management. Committed Practice Managers will accept challenges with ease and continue to thrive in an innately satisfying and rewarding career.

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