Leading Technology Trends in Building and Construction Management

Leading Technology Trends in Building and Construction Management

Drones technology trends building construction management
Careers in the building and construction management industry are rewarding, interesting and always changing. New technology trends have impacted the construction industry by offering innovative ways to assist building and construction managers to communicate better, work more effectively and achieve smarter results for clients. Read on to discover what the future holds for those working in building or construction management.


Essentially drones are a flying camera which is controlled by a remote and have been used on the building scene for a few years now, most often for aerial photography and security. Drones have had a large impact on the way architects, project managers, construction managers and builders work on a site. Being able to see the job site from above gives all those involved a better idea of what work may be required to create the best building design for the area.


A very broad type of technology, applications (apps) can be installed and used on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Available in a diverse range of categories, there’s an app for almost every need! In building and construction management, apps which may be useful include:

  • Measurement Conversion
  • Google Maps
  • Dial before you Dig
  • First Aid Reference
  • Budget Trackers
  • Portable Scanners


Artificial Intelligence

Arguably one of the most important new trends in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many applications in the building and construction management industry. During the planning phase, AI can use knowledge from past builds to create plans or even survey a construction site, gathering information to create plans and blueprints while saving valuable money and labour. AI software can also be used to help manage contractors and staff by creating rosters and tracking hours.
During the build, AI can offer ideas on how to best approach tasks using knowledge from previous projects. Another perk is increased safety on site, by powering driverless machinery ideal for tackling dangerous terrains such as holes or heights. The uses of Artificial intelligence are incredibly broad, with endless applications. As we learn more about what this technology can do, it’s use will only increase.

Connected Job Sites

When working in building and construction management, you work with many people and on different projects every day. Connected job sites are becoming increasingly popular, assisting those involved to work faster and more effectively. With the use of software, multiple job sites or projects can be connected, allowing for better communication and understanding of the project overall and used to share measurements, instructions and plans between sites. This technology trend allows architects, project managers, engineers and anyone working on the site to be across all necessary information at any given time.
Trends in connected job sites building construction management

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology like smartwatches and bracelets have come a long way since their invention. Not just for tracking fitness, wearable technology can be a big help on the job site, too. The user can set reminders and alarms as well as being easily contactable on the go. You can easily take your technology with you, without the worry of losing your phone onsite or carrying around a tablet or computer.

3D Printing

An evolving technology, the use of 3D printing in the construction industry is starting to increase. One trending application is the ability to bring a plan, photo or drawing to life by building tangible models that impart a better sense of a project.


Robotics is a newer technology on the scene, and its use is becoming increasingly prevalent in the construction industry. Incredibly precise and accurate, robotics can be used in a variety of ways, the most effective being repetitive tasks, therefore freeing up people for more difficult cognitive tasks. The cost for this type of technology is currently high but will likely decrease as their use becomes more widespread.

Embrace new technology trends in your career

Building and construction management is an exciting and rewarding industry which is ever-changing thanks to new technology trends. If you wish to take the next step in your building and construction management career, The College for Adult Learning offers self-paced, online courses like the Diploma of Building and Construction Management (CPC50308) to get you there faster.

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