Using Smartwatches for Smart Study

Using Smartwatches for Smart Study

Smartwatches helping study and time management
Smartwatches and wearable technology are used mainly for better communication and achieving fitness goals – but could they help you study smarter too?
A healthy body and happy soul make learning a whole lot easier, and with wearable technology’s variety of helpful features, they may be the secret weapon to your best season of study yet.

Improve your Sleep, Enhance your Study

One of the ways that a smartwatch can help you is by tracking your sleep. It can tell you how long you’ve slept for, how many times you wake during the night and the overall quality of your rest. With this information, you can be inspired to make changes to ensure you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. Such as implementing a bedtime routine, turning off screens well before bedtime or adjusting your wake-up time. Sleep deprivation and study are never a good match, so make sure sleep is a priority.

Make Goal Setting Easy and Achievable

The key to success begins with smart goal setting. Goal setting allows you to become clear on what you want and to put together an actionable plan which can help you achieve it. Goals are especially important when it comes to online study.
How can a smartwatch help here? Simply input your goal into a compatible app and create a to-do list of actions to achieve it. Once you’ve finished a task, check it off and move onto the next. Breaking the goal down into smaller steps is an easy way to stop overwhelm and feel like you are winning from the start.

Breathing and Meditation

The less stressed we are, the more in control we feel and the easier it is to study and deal with life’s responsibilities. Meditation is a proven way to decrease stress, improve focus and help regain a sense of calm. A smartwatch can guide you through a meditation track, help you to regulate your breathing and even keep track of your pulse. Understanding your regular resting heart rate means you’re better equipped to know when your body is stressed, and more able to put in a plan to help you get back on track to peak performance.
Smart watch for meditation and sleep improvement

Plan and Prepare to Take Breaks

As important as a study session is, it’s also vital to take breaks. Overworking yourself will only lead to increased feelings of stress. If your body and mind are tired, the study you’re doing won’t be as effective as it would be if you were well rested. Take short breaks during your study session for a short walk, tea break stretch, or a healthy snack. Also, schedule in larger breaks such as making Sunday or one night a week a study free time. Use your smartwatch to input planned break times and set an alert to ensure you remember!

Having Fun with Accountability

Accountability is an incredibly helpful way to ensure you achieve your study goals. When completing a self-paced online course with the College for Adult Learning, you are able to have the support of your tutor and other students along the way. If you’re looking for another way to keep yourself accountable, let your smartwatch help you. Input your to-do list and check it off as you get it done. Some applications allow you to be reminded about unfinished tasks or reward you when you complete them all.

Reminders and Alerts

As we drift through our busy days, it’s easy for our well-made study plans to fall apart. A smartwatch can help be smarter by notifying you of important dates like assessment due dates or your scheduled study session.
TIP: Block out time in your calendar and when your study reminder alert goes off, do it right away so you don’t forget later.

Its All About your Results

The healthier you are, the easier it is to juggle life’s responsibilities, especially study. When used in the right way, smartwatches and other wearable technology can help your health in lots of areas, lead to increased feelings of general health and wellbeing, and give you the confidence to tackle study in smarter ways – achieving your best results.

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