The Career Rewards of Becoming a Construction Supervisor

The Career Rewards of Becoming a Construction Supervisor

Construction supervisor looking at plans
A logical place to begin a construction management career is with a job as a Construction Supervisor, a rewarding role with high levels of variety and earning potential. If you’re interested in building and construction and enjoy working with people, a construction supervisor career could be your perfect ‘what’s next’ choice.

What is a Construction Supervisor?

A Construction Supervisor oversees and is responsible for all the activities at a construction job site. Construction sites vary in size and complexity, making jobs available for a wide range of experience.

Working as a construction supervisor is a rewarding, dynamic and fast-paced position where no two days are ever the same. You could be managing a project budget, leading and motivating your team, dealing with stakeholders, enforcing OHS policies, problem-solving or collaborating on new ideas with the project management team – all in a day’s work.

Why choose a career in construction supervision?

A career as a construction supervisor is a smart and responsible choice because;

  • Building and construction is an industry which is largely unaffected by the impact of new technologies and labour automation. Construction skills are ones that are always in demand and will always be needed, as long as we need buildings. Such career stability is great news as it ensures you and your family job security for the long term.
  • Stepping up into a Construction Supervisor role means more responsibility and the chance to increase your income. Earning potential regularly exceeds $100,000 per annum.
  • As a supervisor, your responsibilities will be varied, requiring you to work on a combination of both office tasks and on-site duties. Say goodbye to those long, unbroken days on the tools in the sun.
  • If you enjoy working with people, then being a construction supervisor gives you the chance to be in a team environment every day. You’ll be relied on to lead and inspire your team, offering support and guidance where needed. You will also use your skills and qualifications to work with other teams involved in the build, such as project managers, architects and local council.

Overview of a construction project site

Who can get a Construction Supervisor job?

The good news is you may already be on your way to a career in construction supervision. The role is perfectly suited to those already working in the industry such as builders, project managers and even junior engineers.

Don’t worry if you’re currently working in another sector such as IT or Recreation. There’s plenty of transferable skills which apply to this role, such as leadership and management skills, as well as experience working in administration, finance or human resources.

How to get a Construction Supervisor career

If you think a career as a construction supervisor could be for you, The College for Adult Learning can help you to get started today. Our future-focused and nationally accredited Diploma of Building & Construction Management (CPC50308) is a self-paced online qualification with a focus on practical skills.

  • You’ll complete core units such as ‘Manage Budgets and Financial Plans’ and ‘Ensure Team Effectiveness’ and can select from electives like ‘Manage Project Quality’ and ‘Manage Customer Service.’
  • If you have highly relevant experience, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), enabling you to get credit for the skills you already have and fast track your diploma.
  • Benefit from one on one support from your tutors as well as flexible payment options to suit all lifestyles and budgets.
  • Continue to work while you study, or once you start. Many students find mentoring and employment opportunities open for them because of the confidence and credibility that studying gives them.

All you need to fill the gap between enthusiasm and reality is a highly respected diploma qualification that gives you the lifelong skills to secure your ideal construction supervisor job.

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