What do Construction Managers Want in New Hires?

What do Construction Managers Want in New Hires?

New hires in construction, what managers want

Construction Managers are always on the look-out for new hires eager to secure a job in construction.

Construction is an exciting, ever-changing industry that helps build our great country. As an industry, it’s Australia’s third largest employer, and as a career, it opens the door to a wide range of opportunities. Total building projects (not including housing) have grown in excess of 8% a year, on the back of almost 12% growth in 2017/2018.

Employment opportunities abound for the right candidates, with the right education, and of course the right attitude. So, what’s required to get a foot in the door in 2019? What are construction managers looking for in those who are new to the industry?

Get smart through study

Qualifications are always well regarded in the construction industry. Obtaining a Diploma of Building and Construction will show a prospective employer a knowledgeable approach to the job. Construction firms are also embracing the rapid advances in technology such as drones, 3D printing, and robotics. Proof of your willingness to embrace change is highly regarded.

A good work ethic is always crucial, and as the industry continues to grow, employers will be inclined to pay dedicated candidates a good wage.

As labour sources stretch to the limit, many construction firms are targeting schools and universities for potential workers. The ageing workforce and a labour shortage are urging companies to pursue younger, educated and determined employees. Getting certified will go a long way in proving your willingness to be a hard worker.

Culture vultures: broaden your horizons

Like any workplace, construction firms tend to develop their own culture, especially over a long period. Some will value life experience in equal measure to those who’ve spent their career on a worksite.

Different life skills can be applied to specific roles, and employers will actively seek out those who’ve got a broad range of life experience. Demonstrating a broad range of life skills and experiences, as well as a desire to expand them will put prospective employees at a competitive advantage.

Get familiar with future construction trends

What trends can be seen emerging in the years and decades ahead? In many instances, employers are changing the workplace to make it more female-friendly (although there’s still a long way to go, as 88% of construction industry employees are men).

Sustainability is a buzzword that’s heard frequently on construction sites across the country too. Large amounts of waste created on sites need to go somewhere, so the focus is quickly shifting to recycling and reusing materials on other projects. Being educated in the field and having relevant knowledge will indicate a willingness to continue studying building industry trends and will be valued highly by innovative employers in the future.

New hires skills to have in construction management

Wear out that shoe leather!

No, we don’t literally want you to go and buy some work boots (although that’s not a bad idea). Make your voice heard and ensure that construction companies know you’re eager for on-the-job experience. Local builders may be happy to allow you to tour a job site, to give you a ‘feel’ for what it’s like to work onsite. Another way to get a foot in the door is to contact building industry-related unions and ask to meet with workers in a particular trade that interests you.

Making these approaches with the backing of an industry qualification will set you apart. Education and knowledge are paramount and will go a long way in proving that you’re serious about building and construction.

Set yourself up for success

The construction industry is a dynamic and versatile workplace that can offer employees a lifetime of career opportunities. The sense of self-satisfaction that comes from helping house people, or businesses, and being at the cutting edge of technology is very exciting. The work is varied, there’s no nine-to-five predictability, and you’ll always be an important cog in a much larger wheel. With so many benefits including job satisfaction and a good salary, construction is a stable and satisfying industry to work within.

Now you’ve decided on where you’re heading, take the important first step and get yourself signed up to undertake a Diploma of Building and Construction Management(CPC50308). Put yourself at the front of the queue by being proactive, and you will be impressing a construction manager and securing a construction job as an impressive new hire.

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